Our First Big Adventure – Steamboat Springs, CO

By:  Jess

When we first met in November of 2017, we had no idea what was in store.  At the time, Dustin was living and working from home in Denver, Colorado as a computer programmer. I was teaching preschool and trying to get my graphic design business off the ground. We met in the small city of Pineville, Louisiana, where I was living at the time.  Dustin just so happened to be visiting his grandparents who lived there, and luckily we crossed paths.  After he went back to Denver, we began talking on the phone everyday.  In just a few weeks, I was headed for the mountains, but only for a short trip.  It was time to hit the slopes and to spend some quality time together!

We had such a great week together and both agreed that we wanted to live closer to each other.  Dustin told me that he had been considering buying an RV for many years and asked if that would be something I would be interested in doing.  The funny thing was that I have always had the dream of being able to run a freelance business from my laptop, with travel flexibility being the primary motivator... So, actually, this seemed like a really great idea!

Dustin didn't waste any time shopping. He immediately started sending me pictures and specs of possible campers. It was fun and also a  little bit intimidating to make the correct choice. What would it be like once we were actually living in the RV?

.... to be continued ...

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